BERG Rally DRT Yellow Pedal Go Kart 3 Gears 4-12yrs


The BERG Rally DRT Yellow with. 3 gears to make pedaling a little easier or use it to go faster.  It has supper attractive front spoiler,  rims and pneumatic tyres – for extra comfort and a great off road look.  Age range 4 – 12 years.

You can let everyone know that you are on the move with the optional sound box on the Rally NRG orange.  The Rally’s APX Blue, DRT Green, Cherokee, APX Red BFR-3 and DRT Yellow BFR-3 have a SoundBox Race on board with four different racing sounds as standard.

The swing axle means that all 4 wheels will remain on the ground even when you are on an uneven surface.

The easy 3 gears will help to make the go kart go faster or to make it easier to pedal up a hill.  BFR stand for Brake Freewheel.  The unique BERG BFR drive system allows you to pedal forward, brake by simply adding a little bit of back pressure to the pedals come to a stop and then continue forward or backwards.

The BFR system will also allow you to coast along without the pedals spinning around and bumping your ankles.  The 3 gears can used to make the go kart easier to pedal or to go faster!  you decide. adjustable seat means that you will have years of pedaling fun as you grow.








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