BERG Buddy BMW Street Racer 3-8yr with Sound

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Based on the BMW racing legacy, the BMW Street Racer is a real must-have for every racing enthusiast! 

Tear around corners on screeching tyres and come to a stop easily on squealing tyres with the safe coaster brake.
Latest model with sounds- *Horn *Brake *Burnout *Engine Start
Due to the swing axle this go-kart has perfect roadholding and keeping your pedals still during the ride is no problem thanks to the freewheel. With this cool go-kart you are guaranteed to finish in first place and after playing you can put away your go-kart easily by parking it upright in the shed!
  •  Extra comfort thanks to the pneumatic tyres.
  • • The swing axle keeps it firmly on the ground.
  • • The BFR-system allows you to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill.
  • • With adjustable steering wheel and seat so that this go-kart will adapt to the length of your child for many years to come.
  • • Easy to assemble.
  • • The Buddy accessories make this cool go-kart complete.
    115x69x63cm (LxWxH)


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