BERG Buzzy Police Lights & Sounds 2-5 yrs


The BERG Buzzy stands firmly on the ground due to its 4 wheels. Compared to three-wheelers, the Buzzy has excellent stability.

 Going sharply or fast around a corner on a three-wheeler causes the bike along with passenger to tip over and fall more easily. 
As the go-kart has 4 wheels, the tipping point is much further out and further from the centre of gravity This makes falling from the go-kart practically impossible, so you can cover miles safely.
Controlled steering and pedalling.
EVA tyres are made of high-tech foam.
 For the Buzzy go-kart, this is the ideal replacement for traditional rubber inner and outer tubes.
 Due to the right composition, EVA tyres are just as wear-resistant as traditional rubber tyres, but they can never leak air.
Dimensions: 46x50x25 cm

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