BERG Biky Trail Green Handbrake 2-5 years

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The BERG Biky Trail Green Handbrake is a balance bike for children aged between 2 and 5 who are ready to choose their own path.

Whether you want to explore the city or enjoy some rougher terrain, this Biky is ready for adventure. So it has features cool off-road looks, cool mudguards, a hand brake and a customisable number plate.

Like the other models in the Biky family, this balance bike is made of lightweight magnesium, has a handlebar deflection limiter, an adjustable saddle and comfortable pneumatic tyres.
Are you ready for adventure?

Off-road looks
The off-road looks of this Biky make it unique. Those with an eye for detail will immediately see the striking 12-inch wheels with skinwall tyres.

If you look carefully you will notice the orange front and rear hubs. The Biky is also equipped with comfortable orange handles, a drop cushion on the handlebars and a sturdy double front fork. The front fork is made of aluminium, keeping this Biky nice and light.
If you enjoy speed, then control and safety are very important. That’s why you can rely on the handbrake. This handbrake is designed so you can always easily squeeze it when you want to slow down.


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